Professional engineering services:

We propose various phases of engineering to be evaluated by the client  in accordance to the required level of approach.

 Engineering services include all following  possibility: mechanical layout and plant, process piping, cleanroom fabrics, HVAC systems, electrical layout and control system, items and ancillaries of completion.


—Generally speaking there are three phases:
Conceptual Study:
—The following information is included in the Conceptual Study:
—Land Use: Research aspects of the site in regards to natural features, adjacency of neighboring buildings, solar position, zoning regulations, easement and restrictive covenants.
—Site Plan: Develop schematic site plan to show location of parking, structures, and landscape elements as they pertain to impervious coverage, utilities, and building setbacks.
—Schematic Building Design: Develop the ‘big idea,’ or schematic concept for the building. We create floor plans showing adjacencies of rooms and functional amenities, and inspirational images or sketch vignettes to illustrate ideas for spaces and materials.
—The Conceptual Study is an effective way to visualize the potential for your project and experience our design process for a nominal fee. Based upon the project scope of the Conceptual Study as well as your feedback on the design, we will provide a proposal for Full Architectural Services.
—Basic Engineering:

    With this step of engineering we go more deep in the project and we identify better the needs in terms of technical requirements and costs.


—Detail Engineering:

    The detail engineering permit to go directly to the construction phase since all documents necessary for the supplier to quote for the job are given. Hasin Sazan remains however close to the Client to tabulate various supplier and identify the best choice, supporting the decision of the Client.


  We propose  to the clients a full service named «Turn Key» which shall be customised according to the Clients demands and requirements as well as tune to the investment target.

The Turn Key could include the following disciplines: mechanical plant, process piping, flooring, cleanroom fabrics, HVAC system, electrical and control system, items and ancillaries of finishing. Typically it includes:

  • —Project
  • —Construction management and site management
  • —Construction
  • —Commissioning and start up
  • —Certification, controls and preliminary validation
  • —Final tests







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