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            QUALITY POLICY



Hasin Sazan Engineering Co., as an engineering company in field of consulting, designing and


executing cleanroom base on GMP and Validation rules in pharmaceutical companies, states follow


principles as structure of organizational quality policy:


-   Customer satisfaction


-   Improving staff’s life quality in order to sustainable development


-   Establishing quality management system


-   Establishing safety and environment management system


 As a result the following principles are considered by Hasin Sazan En. Co.:


1-  Promoting customer satisfaction via high tech and fast services.


2-  Managing human resource by creating appropriate conditions and trains to grow performances.


3-   Fully attention to environment in sustainable design and construction, out of any common slogans.


4-   Establishing integrated electronic organization.


5-   Promoting quality of instruments and equipment.


Moving according to the policy will not be possible without honest belief to quality management system.










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